I’m an Internet savvy sort of guy, or at least I fancy myself one. When I got out of the army I spent eight months working on a Microsoft network engineering degree, MCSE. I feel like I came into the Internet at a good time during both of our lives, and have remained relevant enough with it to make the observations and comments for this write.

With that:

Early Internet
“The Internet; Bringing People Closer Together” is a slogan I recall. I get that, or so I thought I did back in the day I first heard it. Yes, at any moment of the day I can communicate with my peeps via email in near real time, or for that matter I can FaceTime them for real time audio and visual presentations. That is what the Internet meant to me for the longest time; the ability to affect real time world-wide communications. The world was ‘becoming smaller’ because of it.

I wasn’t quite around yet when there were no telephones, so I can only imagine how it could have been to endure those immense lag times snail-mailing folks for chit-chat, or God forbid for the exchange of critical time-sensitive news and information. Enter copper line telephone (POTS) and hello technology revolution. People were brought yet closer together; the world got ‘small’ again.