I’m an Internet savvy sort of guy, or at least I fancy myself one. When I got out of the army I spent eight months working on a Microsoft network engineering degree, MCSE. I feel like I came into the Internet at a good time during both of our lives, and have remained relevant enough with it to make the observations and comments for this write.

With that:

Early Internet
“The Internet; Bringing People Closer Together” is a slogan I recall. I get that, or so I thought I did back in the day I first heard it. Yes, at any moment of the day I can communicate with my peeps via email in near real time, or for that matter I can FaceTime them for real time audio and visual presentations. That is what the Internet meant to me for the longest time; the ability to affect real time world-wide communications. The world was ‘becoming smaller’ because of it.

I wasn’t quite around yet when there were no telephones, so I can only imagine how it could have been to endure those immense lag times snail-mailing folks for chit-chat, or God forbid for the exchange of critical time-sensitive news and information. Enter copper line telephone (POTS) and hello technology revolution. People were brought yet closer together; the world got ‘small’ again.

With the birth of the Internet (thank’s, Al Gore and never mind DARPA and Xerox) communications technology made a watershed bound. Thanks to the Internet you are more likely to know ten times more people, and be in contact with many times more people than you would have in the BI days, ‘Before Internet’.

Here in the DI days (During Internet) we have been brought so close together and the world has become so ‘small’… boy are we close together, and my God how the world shrank. I just heard a news blurb about the Ukraine. Well, I got a guy in the Ukraine; let me chat him up and get the ground truth poop. Call me on my Apple wrist watch latter and I’ll give you the skinny. What’s that, you already got the skinny from YOUR guy in the Kraine?

Information/Sensory Overload
Are we being brought close together, or are we being chorded together tighter and tighter with a staunch wane in personal space? Is the Internet only enhancing our communication so marvelously well, or is it creating a virtual overcrowding of the planet? There is a fission-fusion yield of information out there trying to shove its way into your already over burdened conscience if you let it.

Do I really need to know what Xiao Fang Wei in the Tse Chuan province of China had for lunch—its rice, it has always been rice, and it’s always gonna be RICE!