The following is an interview I conducted with former teammate Chris Sajnog. Chris and I worked briefly at the sniper course together, it was great to catch up with him again as we haven’t spoken in years, other than through our correspondence as fellow board members of the Navy SEALs Fund.


BRANDON: You and I served at the sniper course together right before I put on Chief. I have a ton of respect for you standing up to our old Master Chief friend when he was having a negative impact on the staff. You stood up for the guys when few people would. I talk about this in my memoir, The Red Circle, but just want to give you credit again.

I know your career took a hit for taking this stand, but in my eyes you did the right thing, and ultimately, it weighed into my own decision to stand up for the guys after you left, and made a huge difference when I came forward with similar complaints about bad leadership issues. If I remember correctly, our “friend” was offered to retire or take orders to Bahrain! Without getting into too much drama, can you tell me what your thoughts are regarding situations like this at work, and how important it is to stand up for what you believe in, but also being respectful of leadership?