A couple of months ago I introduced our readers to an Animal Planet project called Rhino Wars. Not only was the three episode documentary a fun show to watch, but it is also a cause in which I have found myself deeply interested. Saving the rhino from unnecessary extinction at the hands of poachers is not an easy task. Not only does it take money and awareness, it takes men and women willing to place themselves in danger to stop evil men from profiting from the rhino horn.

In the documentary and in my original article for Soldier of Fortune Magazine, you were introduced to Craig, Jeff, Oz, and Rob – the Battleground: Rhino Wars team. After the show aired I was able to catch up with each member of the team and pick their brain about the project and see what they have been up to since leaving Africa. Jeff, AKA “Biggs”, a sniper and former SEAL, took time out of his busy schedule to field a few questions.

Question: Jeff, how did you got involved in the Rhino Wars project?

Biggs: “I was approached by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. We had operated together in Iraq. Saw has a very impressive past and is a “locked on” operator. He told me he was looking to put a “stacked team” together for a possible anti-poaching project. Sawman (and the production company) could have chosen from about 200 other qualified guys for the slot. Needless to say, I was honored to be invited to the party.