A coalition air strike in Mosul, Iraq on March 17th of this year created an international uproar when it was reported that the civilian casualties that resulted could exceed a hundred dead – prompting human rights groups and international opponents to levy serious criticisms toward the United States and its policies regarding when and where to strike ISIS fighters in their last urban stronghold.

“Absurd statements of the Pentagon representatives justifying civil casualties caused by American bombing in Iraq give more information on the operation planning level and the alleged supremacy of the American ‘smart’ bombs,” read an official Russian statement regarding the incident.

“Why (did) the US-led coalition, having this information, make strikes with their ‘smart’ bombs on buildings with civilians dooming them to a terrible death?” It continued.

The Department of Defense launched a full investigation into the incident, intent on deciphering fact from international politicking – as did the Iraqi government, whose initial findings were laid out in a press release provided by the Defense Department on Monday.