Muqtada al-Sadr has been a long-time enemy of the U.S., particularly during the occupation of Iraq during Operation Iraqi freedom (OIF) when Sadr led the Mahdi Army. Now Sadr has been elected to Iraqi parliament, his Sayriun Alliance partnered with the Communist Party to pull a sweeping victory out of the elections. Together, the Sayriun Alliance appealed to the poorer and low-income citizens of the country netting a whopping 54 of the 328 seats in Iraqi parliament, the most of any parliamentary coalition, and now Sadr is calling upon the government to expediently handle the nation’s dire water crisis.

Sadr’s office issued an official statement on Sunday cautioning the citizens of Iraq that his alliance would not allow mismanagement of utilities. The statement read,

If our [electoral] victory is the beginning for revenge from the Iraqi people, I will not allow that [to happen]. I am sure that denying water and electricity to the people will not cause them to kneel. We give the government a few days to look into the issue of water and electricity, or allow us to work to regain our rights.”

An Iraqi parliament session pertaining to the water crisis and the discussion of possible solutions is expected to convene later this week.