I continue to watch news outlets fan the flames of war in Ukraine with sensationalist clickbait headlines that taunt Putin and Russia.

It would appear that most editorial boards are more focused on journalistic masturbation and getting viral clicks for advert dollars than pursuing a more constructive form of journalism that contributes to the betterment of humanity.

Most thought war in Ukraine would never happen.

Six months before Russia invaded free Ukraine, I asked my friend Andriy on a trendy rooftop hotel bar in Kyiv what he thought about the possibility of Putin declaring war on his homeland.

He thought it would be very unlikely, as did many Ukrainians.

It’s hard to see your country at war, especially when it’s thriving, which Ukraine was.

In late January, we spoke again about whether or not to get his family out of the country. I said yes, do it; at the least, it’s insurance and a vacation for them.

They are now safely in the European Union, rebuilding their lives with millions of other proud Ukrainians.