Kabul, Afghanistan — The Taliban now control more territory than they ever did since 2001 and the U.S. led intervention.

According to the quarterly report of the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the Kabul government and its international partners directly control or indirectly influence only 55.5 percent of Afghanistan’s districts. The Taliban control or influence 12.5 percent of Afghanistan’s districts, a considerable increased from the previous 7 percent in 2015. Equally important, 1/3 of Afghan territory is a contested area.

SIGAR presented the report to the U.S. Congress to examine the progress of what has become America’s longest war — a crucial process given the amount of blood and money that has been poured into the conflict.

According to the report, controlling a district means the complete ability to run and govern it; whereas influencing a district means that one side has the upper hand but doesn’t have complete authority.