In the half-light of the global stage, a conflict brews not with the clamor of old wars but with the stealthy, digital whispers of modernity—a shadow of World War III, where the battlefields are as much about cyberspace and news media as they are about land and air. America and her allies find themselves locked in a silent struggle against the coordinated might of Russia, China, and Iran, and let’s not forget the little Rocket Man in North Korea.

This is not the war of our grandparents or the clear-cut alliances and enmities of the 20th century; this is a war of nuances, where proxy battles are the norm, and every skirmish could be a potential spark for a larger conflagration. Take, for instance, the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel, a clash that, on the surface, may seem regional but beneath ripples through the undercurrents of global power dynamics.

Putin, the ex-KGB spymaster, and Iran likely coordinated the Hamas attacks against Israel to drain the free West of financial resources further and to divert the World’s attention away from Russia’s war in Ukraine. The Russian war benefits from the world’s divided attention and from the United States’ continued political infighting at home.

fight at US capital
Remember: The world is small enough today that they can bring the fight to us. SOFREP original image.

If Putin didn’t directly contribute resources, certainly knew of the pending Hamas attacks on Israel prior to the event.

The Gaza situation is a wet dream for Putin.

Amidst the shadowed tangle of global power plays, America stands on a precipice, arguably more exposed to an act of terror than at any time since the smoldering aftermath of 9/11.

Intelligence agencies work tirelessly to parry the unseen strikes but are back to traditional turf wars and don’t share information among themselves freely and this is how 9/11 happened. An information vacuum and this time we also have a total lack of competent leadership in Washington. An American President who is clearly medically incompetent and moved around like a puppet by his administration officials. Most of the politicians in Washington DC more resemble the cast of “Survivor” than any serious political body. And all of them are sleepwalking us off a steep cliff.

And the World burns…