Imagine yourself standing on the deck of a nuclear aircraft carrier. It’s dead of night, pitch-black, and the vast expanse of the ocean seems endless. You’re the helmsman, and the lives of thousands of sailors and the fate of your nation rest on your shoulders. Now, imagine if you were unfit mentally to perform your duty. Terrifying thought, right?

Biden on the deck of an aircraft carrier
Would you trust crazy Cap’n Joe to get you on deck safely? Original art by the twisted minds at SOFREP.

This analogy, dear friends, is a metaphor for the office of the President of the United States – our Commander in Chief. To put it in SEAL-speak, it’s a Big Deal. Mental acuity, cognitive health, and psychological robustness aren’t just attributes; they’re prerequisites for the job. Why? Because the person making the final call on national defense decisions has to be sharp as a Ka-Bar knife, and stable as a rock.

The position of President, like that of a Navy SEAL or a Special Operations commander, is subjected to extreme pressures and decisions of life and death. Under such strain, mental health cannot be compromised. A lapse in judgment, a miscalculation, or an erratic decision can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

This is what concerns me about Biden. It’s not about party politics; it’s just simple math.

Both parties have a choke hold on American politics, and at some point, I wondered, “Maybe a Biden controlled by his handlers is easier for both parties to deal with.”

Either way, I’m shocked this hasn’t become more of an issue, but perhaps leading up to the election next year, it will become clearer.

Then what if?

What if a President is deemed unfit for office due to mental health issues?