One thing has become painstakingly clear – we don’t know when and where a “hack” or infiltration may occur. The skill set has long been around and many of its practitioners are more sophisticated than before. As an individual, you’re vulnerable to identity theft and hacking. We’ve all had friends who post that their Instagram or twitter is ‘hacked’ and run amok. With the sheer amount of phishing scams, hackers, “fake news,” sponsored content, it’s become hard for some to differentiate. If someone isn’t able to tell the difference between a phishing email and a normal one, they’re starting out at a disadvantage.

That ignorance doesn’t apply to President-elect (PEOTUS) Trump. But, it might apply to an underling, even an intern, who may or may not post on twitter for the POTUS. It might sound incredible to presume someone inexperienced may be given that responsibility. However, it’s possible because in the grand scheme, that’s not an important task and function once the PEOTUS becomes the POTUS and inherits all the responsibility. PEOTUS Press Secretary tells us that “Trump drives the Twitter train.”

China has already chastised PEOTUS Trump for using Twitter to service international diplomacy. It’s a critique that should be taken into account. No matter what, China is a global power and at risk of overreacting to stark new western trends in governance. Interestingly, if Trump ceases to Tweet, Twitter might on the outs. Before this flurry of Tweets and Twitter talk the company was on a real decline. It’s studied and mentioned in MBA programs and it’s easy to research. The company is in serious trouble and its username is dwindling, and its future unknown.

But, nonetheless, PEOTUS Trump and his campaign have proved the power of Twitter. Twitter was indispensable and still is to this day. Whether or not the POTUS will Tweet is an unknown, but, our current President Tweets. Why wouldn’t the new president? The White House Communications Unit will figure it out if the POTUS wants to Tweet on a daily basis. Just as they’ll have to figure out the comms and comms security situation when the president spends some of his time in Trump Tower in New York City; assuming he still does that. The reality is no one knows what will happen. We’ve been preaching and pleading for outsiders and now we got one. What naturally comes with that is change and whether or not it’s change you can believe in – you won’t be able to predict it.

SOFREP Analysis: POTUS Trump will tweet from his Blackberry under WiFi when at the White House, or, someone else will but expect much of the same. In fact, however you feel about the conduct and actions of PEOTUS Trump, it’s likely that behavior will continue as POTUS Trump.