Former self-appointed (and then, elected) President Pervez Musharraf recently returned to Pakistan to throw in a bid for power in what looks like a very risky move. He left the office amid political pressure and a looming impeachment hearing.

He became very unpopular in Pakistan after publicly siding with the U.S.-led Global War on Terror (GWOT). Interesting that he is returning now, as the Afghanistan occupation is winding down with UBL out of the picture.

Pakistan, a lot like the Saudis and others, has always been very good at playing both sides when it comes to dealing with America and their own internal politics. It seems like a risky move, as Musharraf attempts to fill the leadership void in Pakistan and grab power once more. He obviously thinks he has a chance, otherwise I don’t think he’d risk returning amid death threats from the Taliban. I also think it’s a safe assumption that he has the support of some very powerful friends, even if it’s not the overt type.

I wonder what three-letter group he’s been talking to…

Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf: Risking it all?

Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s former president, is back home after more than four years in self-imposed exile. He is hoping to re-assert his influence ahead of the country’s elections in May.

Musharraf touched down in Karachi on Sunday morning, despite the possibility of arrest, and a threat from the Taliban to kill him.

“I have put my life in danger by coming back to Pakistan. I was thinking that the government would call me back, and would say ‘Save Pakistan,’ but that did not happen. Today my nation ordered me to come back. I came back, putting my life in danger, to save Pakistan,” the former leader said.

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