The Islamic State relies on religious precedence to absolve responsibility for the individual and group. As such, they’re finding authority to run from the battle.

Nearly everything that the Islamic State does, in their view, has some kind of canonical precedent. They wish to create their own currency, based on the Quranic meaning of currency, with shaving of gold, so their money has real values and meaning. When they offer up hostages – they base the price asked on the amount listed as acceptable in their texts. They make whatever updates based on the today’s values.

They’re living out a mandate, in their world. One with religious backing and authority. It’s how they’re able to recruit from such authority. Moreover, it probably has a large part to do with their increasing numbers. But, they’ve also done an incredible job at utilizing social media and or modern phenomenons.

They’ve redefined what the “center of gravity” might be in a military operation, something the Pentagon may look at changing or just abolishing as a whole. The theory that you must topple the center of gravity to defeat an enemy; it does seem a bit archaic, as though there’s a castle to breach. But, we can see our security interests furthered in alternative methods. Just plenty can become wealth using alternative investment vehicles. In fact, many believe that’s how terrorism is funded. Because it’s oblique and outside of the box it’s gone unnoticed and tracked on a large scale.