Islamic State claims responsibility for the knife attack at one of the entrances of the US Embassy in Nairobi this past Thursday. The 24 year old man managed to stab one of the police officers in the face before being shot and killed.

Witnesses said the assailant had walked up to the officer, pulled out a knife and began shouting: “Why? Why? Why?” He stabbed the officer in the face, and the officer struggled to push him away. One witness said the men tumbled, with the assailant landing on top of the officer.

The officer, a member of the General Services Unit, a paramilitary branch of the Kenyan police entrusted with guarding embassies and other important installations in Kenya, was carrying an assault rifle. He jerked up his weapon and at least four shots were fired: Boosh! Boosh! Boosh! Boost!- New York Times

Image courtesy of Reuters