An Israeli airstrike in the Syrian port of Latakia during the early hours of Tuesday morning hit the port’s container facility in the second attack on the port this month.

“At around 3:21 am [0121 GMT], the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression with several missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean … targeting the container yard in Latakia port,” the Syrian state news agency, SANA said quoting an unnamed military source. The strike caused “massive material damage” in the container yard, it added.

There was no report on casualties, but video and still photos from the port facility showed significant damage and massive fires and secondary explosions, which were noteworthy. 

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, firefighters try to douse the flames in the container facility of the port of Latakia after an Israeli airstrike. (SANA via AP)

SANA reported that the containers were carrying “engine oil and spare parts for cars and other vehicles.” However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK-based watchdog on the Syrian Civil War, stated that the cargo in the containers was “arms and munitions” that had detonated in “powerful explosions that were felt across the city of Latakia and its suburbs.” 

That description would be accurate with the secondary explosions seen in the night sky above the port. As is their usual operating procedure, Israel refused to confirm or deny the airstrike, telling Reuters, “We don’t comment on foreign reports,” a military spokesperson said.