“Grave… moral and command failure.”

An Israeli lieutenant in the famed Golani Brigade Reconnaissance Battalion has had his promotion blocked by the commander of the Israel Defense Forces Northern Command. This lieutenant was the subject of a scathing exposé last month by the Israeli news service Haaretz that portrayed him as a “loose cannon” that had a penchant for violating orders and doing things his own way while his superiors covered up for him. 

Maj. Gen. Amir Baram, the head of the Northern Command, ordered an investigation into the actions of Lt. Guy Eliyahu, a team leader in the Golani Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion, following the Haaretz articles. The results of the investigation were released on Monday.

Along with the lieutenant’s blocked promotion, the IDF still claimed that the lieutenant made “a number of mistakes along the way” and that his battalion commander, LTC Shimon Siso, should not have allowed LT Eliyahu to prepare for promotion at the military’s Tactical Command College. However, the report denied several of the key parts of the exposé including: