On Saturday night, two missiles, one targeting the Green Zone where the American Embassy is located and another the Taji base north of Baghdad, were launched.

The first rocket was launched from the Ali al-Saleh area of Baghdad and landed next to a home close to a TV station in the Green Zone, injuring a child, a military statement said. The child suffered head injuries and the house was damaged.

“At the same time, our forces were able to thwart another attack and seize a Katyusha rocket and launcher that were targeting the Taji base north of Baghdad, where U.S.-led coalition troops are based,” the statement added.

The Iranian militias denied responsibility for the latest attacks. This stood in stark contrast to their belligerent tone struck last week, when Qais al-Khazali, head of one the Iranian-proxy militias of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), had threatened the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi while admitting that they’ve been behind the missile attacks that have been happening all along. 

“Don’t create any other issues and don’t get involved in other issues that might happen… Otherwise, you might lose everything,” Khazali had said. 

“You want to resolve the attacks by the resistance factions against the U.S. forces, but you could never do that. None of the previous governments could do that and none of them took such an action. Instead, they were all ignoring this issue because they knew they couldn’t touch it,” he had added. 

Since October, there have been about three dozen missile attacks, originating from Iraqi territory, that have targeted the American Embassy and bases where American troops are stationed. Washington has long blamed Iran, which directs these militias, of being behind the attacks. 

Iraq has been stuck in the middle between Iran and the U.S. While both are ostensibly in Iraq to fight ISIS, the Iranian proxies are increasingly more concerned with forcing the Americans to leave, something they’ve stated openly for quite some time. Iraq had turned a blind eye to the missile attacks but when the Americans responded, Iraqi lawmakers, accused the U.S. of attacking Iraq’s sovereignty.