Israeli Special Operations Units: Part 2

In Part One we spoke about some the IDF best special operation units:
Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13, Sayeret Maglan, Shaldag and Duvdevan.
These units conduct very specific missions and are volunteering units:
You have to volunteer to go there.

Here you have other SOF units that are also highly specialized.

Unit 669
Similar to the USAF Para-rescue Jumpers and the 160th SOAR combined,
this unit specializes in search and rescue. Their members are not only
highly trained medics, but also due to the possibility of falling
behind enemy lines, they undergo rigorous SERE and other special
operations training.

Egoz specializes in guerrilla and anti-guerrilla warfare. Brought back
to life after it was dismantled in the 60s, its main task was to fight
Hizballah terrorists in southern Lebanon. Egoz undergoes intense
training in conventional and unconventional warfare.


Alpinist Unit

The “Alpininistim” specialize in winter and high-altitude warfare.
Their members are reservist that train during the winter is Mount
Hermon and other rough terrain in the north of Israel. Tactics include
precision shooting while on skis, winter survival and mountain rescue.