On Tuesday, Iranian Quds Forces launched, from Syrian territory, four missiles at targets in Israel. The Israelis’ reaction was swift. They retaliated early on Wednesday morning by attacking dozens of Syrian air defense and Iranian forces targets within Syria. 

According to a statement by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Israel’s airstrikes targeted missile launchers, weapons warehouses that store missiles, command centers, and bases. Syrian media reported that two people were killed and several wounded when an Israeli missile hit a civilian house in Saasaa, outside of Damascus. However video footage has surfaced that shows, instead, a Syrian air defense missile crashing to the ground into the residential neighborhood.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) that monitors the fighting reported that 11 people, including seven non-Syrians (Iranians), were killed in the attacks. 

In a series of messages on social media, the Israelis stated that “We just carried out wide-scale strikes of Iranian Quds Forces & Syrian Armed Forces targets in Syria in response to the rockets fired at Israel by an Iranian force in Syria last night.”

“We hold the Syrian regime responsible for the actions that take place in Syrian territory and warn them against allowing further attacks against Israel,” the IDF posted on Twitter early Wednesday. “We will continue operating firmly and for as long as necessary against the Iranian entrenchment in Syria.”

“During our strike of Iranian & Syrian terror targets, a Syrian air defense missile was fired despite clear warnings to refrain from such fire. As a result, a number of Syrian aerial defense batteries were destroyed,” the IDF added on Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement following Israel’s response:  “I have made clear that any who attack us — we will attack them. That is what we did tonight towards military targets of the Iranian Quds force and Syrian military targets.”

SANA, the government-run Syrian news agency, quoted a source in the military, stating: “At 1:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Israeli warplanes… targeted the vicinity of the city of Damascus with a number of missiles. Our air defense confronted the heavy attack and intercepted the hostile missiles, and was able to destroy most of them before reaching their targets.”