At our Capitol, we all saw what the violence looks like. We also saw that it solves nothing. It only creates more problems.

Let’s not forget the violence that was committed in our cities, over the past year, which went unanswered by many elected officials. The destruction of property, loss of life, and serious injury to our law enforcement officers were wrong. The cry for justice, law, and order was ignored. Last year’s violence also solved nothing and created more problems.

This is not the fault of Trump or Biden supporters: they are caught in the middle. It is the fault of a corrupt political system driven by self-serving politicians, biased media, political hacks, wealthy elites, and special interests.

We are too quick to blame each other when instead it is the collective fault of our political leaders on both sides of the aisle. We must join forces to work together and hold them accountable. We should not let them exploit us and pit Americans against Americans. They count on this to control us and keep themselves in power.

The 2020 presidential election, the COVID pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, violence in our cities, and the attack on the Capitol have created a perfect storm of concerned citizens. These citizens believe they are not being listened to on a multitude of issues including voter fraud, the economy, the pandemic, public debt, safety and security, healthcare, and education.

Now, due to frustrated citizens that have been ignored by their elected officials at all levels of government, we have more violence, death, and injury.

The 2020 election has become the catalyst for increased divisiveness in America. If we are being truthful, we know there was fraud by both parties. The question is how do we fix it so it does not happen again. I believe Tom Cotton and Tim Scott have proposed a good solution at the federal level. Now, it is up to us to get our state governments to do the same.

To preserve liberty, we must return to the real legacy of our founding fathers. We have had one revolution; we do not need another one. We have had one civil war; we do not need another. Nevertheless, we do need a political establishment revolution that replaces the politics of power, money, and self-service with the politics of character, integrity, and selfless service.