Thomas Rathsack’s “Jaeger: At War with Denmark’s Elite Special Forces” is now available in english!  What follows is an excerpt from the book:


I can finally call myself a Jaeger again. From day one, I felt totally at home in my new five-man team.

René is our team leader. He is the most experienced, with eight years of operational service. His outgoing and social manner makes him our natural leader. He maintains an infectious positive attitude no matter how pressured or tired he is.

Peter is our medic, a type of advanced nurse. He is exceptionally competent and sharp, often offering intelligent, analytical observations. He possesses a raw strength despite his lack of interest in fitness training. One day after jogging a few hundred metres from our camp he passed a “Reduce Your Speed” sign. He took it literally and returned to our air-conditioned patrol room.

Our scout, Mikkel, has a calm and relaxed demeanor. He is a small, compact fellow but strong as an ox and highly respected in the corps for his skills.

My final teammate is Henrik, and he is responsible for communication. He is a tall, athletic and likeable guy with a marked stubbornness, which ensures that he always strives for the optimal solution. He is the youngest member of the team and one of my most valued colleagues, both as a soldier and as a human being.

I land the vacancy for a demolitions expert. “The man with the key”, is how the Americans describe my function. I blow up obstacles, such as doors and walls, in and around buildings wherever our team is operating. It is also my responsibility to place grenades and alarm devices to protect my team when we are operating from an observation post.