In a joint press conference conducted with Denmark’s Defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen, American Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced that the coalition will begin accelerating its campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

“We will further accelerate this fight to free people from ISIS’ crushing occupation and [the] enemy’s terror threat to Europe and beyond,” Mattis announced in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mattis is in Copenhagen as a part of a three-nation European trip that will see stops in Denmark, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.  Mattis and Frederiksen co-hosted a meeting of senior leaders from 15 different nations on Wednesday regarding ISIS.

When asked what would be discussed at the meeting, Mattis explained, “We’re going to look to the future, determine what more is needed, if anything, and how we are going to determine that is based upon an update with the enemy situation.”

After the meeting, Mattis seemed encouraged by the discussion he co-chaired.

“We are committed to working together — all of us — and that was reinforced today in our meeting with many partners: to defeat [ISIS] wherever it attempts to establish its roots,” Mattis said.

During the press conference, Mattis explained that coalition forces near Raqqa, Syria are rapidly getting into position to surround the city.  Raqqa is the last remaining urban stronghold ISIS maintains in the country, and is considered to be the unofficial capital city for the Islamic State.

“The idea, ladies and gentlemen, is that the foreign fighters not be allowed to escape and return to constitute a threat against free and innocent people elsewhere, whether it be in the Arabian Gulf, North Africa, and certainly Europe,” he said.