Jesse Ventura – the Navy SEAL turned pro wrestler, pro wrestler turned actor, actor turned governor, and governor turned crackpot – lost his appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a $1.8 million verdict awarded to him for his defamation case against prolific Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle’s estate.

In 2014, a court awarded Ventura a total of $1.8 million in damages as a result of a story in Kyle’s book, “American Sniper,” in which Kyle describes an altercation between the two former SEALs.  Kyle said that Ventura made disparaging comments about other SEALs that had been lost in action, and Kyle ultimately punched him in the face for it.  Ventura claims that the incident never occurred, and that its inclusion in the popular book hurt his reputation in the SEAL community.

Another SEAL turned writer, Frumentarius, has already explained why Ventura’s legal battle against the estate of the late Chris Kyle has damaged his reputation within that community far more than any allegations Kyle made in his book could have – as the former governor and conspiracy theorist continues to attempt to cleave money out of Kyle’s widow well after the fight, and one of its fighters, have passed.

The original verdict was in Ventura’s favor, as there was little evidence to suggest that the incident actually took place (though Frumentarius has reported for SOFREP that he knows at least one SEAL that indicated that the story is, in fact, true) but the U.S. Court of Appeals tossed out the majority of Ventura’s award and sent the remainder back for a new trial last year.