A jihadist private military contractor (PMC) has been growing in popularity and expanding its business model through the war in Syria, according to a report from Foreign Policy.

The group, called Malhama Tactical, is owned and operated by a young Uzbek veteran of the Russian airborne infantry. He speaks fluent Russian and goes by his nom de guerre ‘Abu Rofiq.’ His company represents the evolving and modernizing nature of jihadist movements, exacerbated by years of high intensity conflict in the Syrian Civil War.

Malhama is small, reportedly only around 10 individuals, but their online presence is remarkable, and expanding. The group operates a YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook profile, and Instagram page. It uses these social media platforms as a way to advertise their services and educate budding holy warriors. While Malhama’s services are not free, Abu Rofiq makes it clear they are interested only in jihad.

The group seeks to operate primarily as trainers and advisors. While they have taken part in the fighting against Assad forces in Syria, where their combat skills make them akin to shock troops, their focus is to make their TTPs widespread throughout the jihadist community.