Meet Jocko

I’ve been a massive fan of Jocko Willink for years. If you are a regular SOFREP reader, I assume you know who he is. On the off chance you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, allow me to introduce him to you.

Jocko is a retired Navy SEAL officer, and he commanded SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser in Ramadi, Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. There is another Navy SEAL that you might know that was also on Team Three, SOFREP founder Brandon Webb. Incidentally, the two men are now both New York Times best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs. There must have been something in the water at Team Three.

Here is Brandon giving Jocko a shout-out back in 2016.

After reading Jocko’s books on leadership and listening to his inspiring podcast, I put myself back on “the path.” In short, “the path,” as Jocko explains it, is the road one takes to build their best self. It involved waking up early, working out hard, and having good nutrition.

Strong Motivation to Make a Clean Product

Just yesterday, I learned the story of why Jocko started making nutritional supplements. This isn’t one of those deals where a huge company comes up to a celebrity and offers them millions of dollars to slap their name on a can—quite the opposite. In the video below, Jocko explains how and why he got into the supplement business. He describes how he was taking supplements years ago, and a report came out that the protein powder he was using was loaded with heavy metals. Worse yet, he was giving this same protein powder to his young children. He was pissed, as any father would be. When he decided to start his own supplement line, he said he would do it under the condition that they were made in a way that they were as clean and healthy as they could possibly be. And Jocko is a man true to his word.