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Chief was certain now that he was caught up in a bad Vietnam movie in which they throw a battalion of infantry in a wood chipper in order to capture a hill, only to give it back the next day and march on to the next hill: Hamid Karzai was to be taken BACK to the mountain and dropped off… It seemed like a can of concentrated, condensed madness, but in fact, Karzai was being dropped back into the mountains to link up with the Northern Alliance dedicated to countering the Taliban.

Coker was slammed with a litany of tasks — Fire Support Plan (FSP), total mission-involved asset coordination, synchronization brief, fire support rock-drill, air movement annex, J-Staff fire support submission — Mensch! any one of those tasks alone could have frenzied most Big Army Officers.

Coker was a guy you couldn’t overwhelm. You could throw ten balls up in the air next to him and none of them would hit the ground. Maybe he was too stupid to be overwhelmed? Maybe… But I would take the stupid guy who can powerhouse multi-tasking over a sniveling dolt trying to play his safe place card any day.