It was cold. What is it that they say? “Bone chilling?” Yeah, that was about right. And it was windy as all hell, too. It was as if God had looked down and said “Ya know what, Gabriel? (one of his main angels) I haven’t messed with J for a minute…watch this…” I mean, I knew that the area I had deployed to was known for its cold and windy winters but good Lord. Overall though, I didn’t have too much to complain about. Things had gone well with flying in and my initial planning, and at the moment I was off to my first meeting.

The person I was meeting had no clue that I was meeting them, but hey, such small details were meaningless in the grand scheme of things – yeah, OK. What’s that you say? How does one hold a meeting with someone who isn’t hip to the fact that there is a meeting taking place? Well my friend, today is your lucky day because this – much like the time one of my lovely daughters asked me if Pennsylvania was near Philadelphia – is what we call a teaching moment. You are about to get a broad – VERY broad – lesson in the art of the bump.

OK by show of hands, who here is married? Ever dated? (That plastic “friend” you keep inflated in your closet does not count sir, put your hand down.) OK so for the rest of us, unless you are inhumanly good-looking á la BK style (though I am positive that he has had work done – I will get the proof!!) we know that it is not a simple endeavor. Much like this current operation, there is some planning that goes into it. Let’s place the potential love interest into the role of the potential asset.