The Combat Diver Foundation and the U.S. Military Freefall Association will be jointly hosting a virtual fundraiser to raise money for their respective causes. The “Jump & Dive Fundraiser” will take place on August 29. The event will include a livestream of the fundraising event, comments by notable Combat Diver and Military Freefall qualified leaders, music, and other special events.

The organizers are currently looking for sponsors and vendors who are interested in donating items for raffle or auction. Vendors are able to purchase a virtual booth and conduct direct sales of their merchandise on the event’s platform. The organizers are also willing to recognize and promote supporting companies by placing their company logos and business information on the events materials.

You can register for the event here.

The U.S. Military Freefall Association (MFFA)

The MFFA is a collective of freefall parachutists, jumpmasters, and military freefall instructors bound by their common training, experience, and passion for military parachuting. The association seeks to promote an understanding of military freefall and to maintain a close relationship with the USA JFK SWCS Military Freefall School, veterans’ organizations, and the larger parachuting community. Another purpose of it is to take actions that will memorialize fallen warriors from the MFF community. The MFFA is a newly formed organization that will fill a void for a selective group within the special operations community.

The Combat Diver Foundation (CDF)

A 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, the CDF is dedicated to preserving the history of the Combat Diver community. Though the foundation’s story began with a recognition that the class plaques at the Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Key West were under threat by the ravages of time and salt air, CDF’s vision does not stop there. The men depicted on those plaques — from every service and from many allied nations — represent a tremendous contribution to the heroic history of the United States and its partners. Those stories should be preserved and told. With that in mind, CDF’s ultimate goal is the construction of the Combat Diver Museum that will serve as a home for that history.