The U.S. Military Freefall Association (MFFA) is a collective of freefall parachutists, jumpmasters, and military freefall instructors bound by their common training, experience, and passion for military parachuting. The association seeks to promote an understanding of military freefall and to maintain a close relationship with the USA JFK SWCS Military Freefall School, veterans’ organizations, and the larger parachuting community. Another purpose of it is to take actions that will memorialize fallen warriors from the MFF community. The MFFA is a newly formed organization that will fill a void for a selective group within the special operations community.

There are numerous veterans’ interest groups and organizations across the country. Some are general in nature — providing information or services to current military service members or veterans. Others are more specialized — such as the Navy SEAL Foundation that seeks to help active and former members of the SEAL community with events, scholarships, and assistance to wounded SEALs and their families.

The Military Freefall Association is focused on the very technical and high-risk discipline of military freefall (MFF), one of the most technical skills in the United States armed services. It is a qualification usually restricted to the U.S. special operations community. Less than 0.01 percent of the U.S. military have received MFF training.

Members Wanted

Like any newly formed organization, the MFFA is looking for new members. If you are a graduate of a United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) recognized MFF school or a former schoolhouse cadre member, then you qualify to join the MFFA. What does membership in the MFFA offer? First of all, you will receive an exclusive MFFA membership packet, full of MFFA swag! But beyond the bragging rights and the ability to connect to other members, you are also helping the association to support the wider MFF community by sponsoring events, honoring the sacrifices of our fallen, and supporting the MFF schoolhouse to meet requirements that cannot be paid for with appropriated funds.

In addition, the organization will pass on relevant information (reports, policy updates, etc.) to members via email or through its online forum. There is also a “Members Area” (requires login and password) that will allow you to connect to other MFFA members. And you get to purchase some MFFA swag through its online store. It is easy to become a member.

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Sponsors Wanted

All non-profit organizations require a certain level of funding to conduct their operations. If your organization, firm, or business would like to contribute to the work that the Military Freefall Association does then becoming a sponsor is the way to achieve that goal. Any person, business, or organization can sponsor, donate, or become an affiliate member of the Military Freefall Association. A sponsor’s help can contribute to the MFFA’s goal of assisting our fellow military freefall warriors.

Upcoming MFFA Events

Military Freefall Instructor Reunion. The U.S. MFFA will host its annual Military Freefall Instructor Reunion on Friday, April 3, 2020, in Yuma, Arizona. Current and former instructors can share their stories, experiences, and challenges from across the generations going back to 1968.

Military Freefall Ball. The U.S. MFFA will host its annual “Freefall Ball” in Yuma, Arizona on Saturday, April 4, 2020, in Yuma, Arizona.


This article was written by John Friberg, the Editor and Publisher of SOF News. He is a retired Command Chief Warrant Officer (CW5 180A) with 40 years of service in the U.S. Army Special Forces with active duty and reserve components.