For those who are not familiar with Polish Special Operations Forces structure, Polish Special Forces Command (Dowództwo Wojsk Specjalnych aka DWS) has control of the following units:

  • Special Commando Unit (aka JW Komandosów) counterpart of US Army Special Forces
  • Military Unit GROM (aka JW GROM) most famous, counterpart of mix CAG & SEAL Team SIX
  • Military Unit Formoza (aka JW Formoza) counterpart of Navy SEAL
  • Military Unit Nil (aka JW Nil) command and support unit

So if you will compare it to US SOCOM, there are two components still missing – 160th SOAR and 75th Rangers. The AGAT (aka JW AGAT) were created and followed the example of 75th Rangers Regiment.

tab for combat uniform
tab for combat uniform

Pictures – up: tab for combat uniform; down – tab for full dress

tab for full dress
tab for full dress

SOFREP was invited for the 1st Anniversary of the JW AGAT. On 5th July 2012 the Unit received the Standard. According to “The Law from February 19th 1993 about tokens in Polish Armed Forces” standard is a token of military unit. Each soldier’s duty is to defend and guard it. When standard is lost due weak combat spirit the unit has to be disbanded. So to receive the standard is great honor for the unit but also a great responsibility.

The Unit's Commander Colonel Slawomir Berdychowski gives honours to the new Standard.
The Unit’s Commander Colonel Slawomir Berdychowski gives honours to the new Standard.

Not only the Standard but also Unit’s badge was introduced.

The Unit's badge was introduced
The Unit’s badge was introduced

JW AGAT was created on June 30th 2011. It is named after combat troop of Sabotage Command, Home Army (Polish resistance organization during World War II). This troop’s – AGAT (acronym of Anti-Gestapo) – task was elimination of members of Nazi administration and Army. Especially SS and Gestapo.

The main tasks for the modern JW AGAT are Direct Actions (DA) and kinetic support of special operations. It is joining features of special forces unit, airborne and mountain infantry.

The Unit is at the end of selection process. First selection was led by the Colonel Berdychowski – Commander of the Unit. Definitely the right person for this job – former JW GROM’s member. This first selection was very important for JW AGAT. It’s target was to create the backbone of the Unit. Time – from September 12th to September 17th, 2011. Tasks – among others to cover 200 km carrying 25 kg rucksack, last night 42 km run/walk. Participants – just ensigns and officers. Oldest was 45 years old. Results – 90% of participants passed the selection! As Colonel Berdychowski said it was the best group and rather there will be no similar in future.