As the U.S. and NATO forces start their withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Karzai is consistently making statements and instilling policies to help save himself from the future wrath of the Taliban. From forcing SOF out of Wardak to influencing the U.S. that peace talks between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban are an real possibility, Karzai is once again spilling vomit out of his mouth in the form of lies to save his own skin.

According to Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s main ideologue and leader, peace talks and the absence of Jihad within Afghanistan is not a possibility.

“Jihad must continue until all religion is God’s alone and there is no more conflict in the land. Mistakes made in jihad are no reason for stopping jihad, which must continue because it is ordained to go on forever. Jihad follows the example of Muhammad and his Companions, and is based on the Qur’an, Sunna, and shari’a and on the consensus of all Muslim scholars.”

Karzai’s most recent statements beg the question: Who’s side is he on? On May 1st, Afghanistan border police were engaged by Pakistani military forces and as a result, one Afghani was killed in the engagement.

In a recent press conference, Karzai spoke about the skirmish on the border.

“They [the Afghan people] should stand with this young man who was martyred in defending his soil…”

He then called for the Taliban to:

“turn their weapons against the enemies of their properties.”