The Kiev International Exhibition Arms and Security, is an amazing demonstration of Ukrainian independence and defense capabilities. The expo showcases Ukraine’s own technical competence and its growing collaboration with foreign defense partners.

The exhibition was initially launched in 2004, but had limited success as Ukraine was emerging onto the international stage. By 2015 the exhibition has triumphed with 284 exhibitors, including 21 foreign companies, from 8 countries, (USA, China, India, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel, the Netherlands) confined in 29,300 square meters, and with approximately 13,000 people in attendance. The exhibition validates Ukraine’s growing military industrial complex, showcasing homegrown design and manufacture of a cornucopia of weapons, military and special equipment.

The opening ceremony brought into attendance government officials from the defense to space agencies, as well as Deputy Director of Department for Defense Investment of NATO International Secretariat – Deputy Assistant Secretary General – Ernest Herold. Proving Ukraine’s rightful place as number nine, in the Top 10 countries who export defense technology.

Kiev Expo


Strategically placed throughout the expo, were fifty four functioning displays of military aircraft, vehicles and special purpose machinery (including drones), and thirty companies of Ukroboronprom, the defense industry of Ukraine. Such as Kiev based Leninska Kuznya, who presented a prototype of the combat vehicle, named: “Triton“, as a next generation military armored vehicle series. Also, Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov, the producer of the world’s largest aircraft, the AN-225, signed a cooperation agreement on the opening day, with Polish company, WB Electronics, to develop new tactical unmanned aviation platforms exclusively for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Representatives from Ukraine’s defense firm, Concern, closed a deal with the Chinese company Inkas, for the modernization of armored vehicles and improvement of current vehicle maintenance centers within the existing Ukrainian defense services fleet. Ukrainian based Ukroboronprom, also forged a relationship with the Turkish company Aselsan, for the modernization of digital optics in existing Ukrainian armored vehicles.

Additional expos are projected well into the future, as ongoing research and development, and defense technology breakthroughs, continue to be one of Ukraine’s greatest exports. Ukrainian officials are currently harnessing the international exposure, which is being provided by the expo, as a powerful tool for the inundation of the the Ukrainian domestic market. Officials also hope to leverage the continued growth of Ukraine’s defense industry and export potential.