(In Part One of the Last Stand At Lang Vei, the story ended just as the NVA began their secondary assault against the camp. This week the story is carried to its conclusion from that point using a narrative interweaved with after action reports written by Lieutenant Colonel Shungel and Captain Willoughby.)

The tanks roared through the wire and continued depressing their guns at the maximum setting firing point-blank into the trenches.  Defenders not killed tried in vain to retreat the other positions, only to be cut down by barking AK-47s.  And though many NVA also fell, they continued advancing  taking up position in fallen positions and shrinking the defensive perimeter ever smaller as remaining anti-tank teams raised more LAW’s and have them fail to fire, or when they did, fail to penetrate.

Perhaps the only bright spot in the entire battle came when a special forces Sergeant lined up on a close cluster of tanks and fired his 106 mm recoilless rifle in rapid succession sending three of the vehicles up in flames…

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