Hello Fighter Sweep community,
I’m pleased to continue the fine work as the new Editor, and work to expand the reach. I came up with the term Fighter Sweep when we were brainstorming an awesome name for a new aviation site within the SOFREP family. By definition, a Fighter Sweep is an offensive mission by fighter aircraft to seek out and destroy enemy aircraft or targets of opportunity in an allotted area of operations. It’s a bad ass mission and I loved flying them.

We aim for that definition to mean more here. We are looking to dominate the air, in all its facets. We have – and are looking for more – experts in all branches and aspects of military aviation. Jets, props and helos, and painful as it may be to us stick and rudder types, even drones. We will discuss commercial and civil aviation as well. In short, Fighter Sweep will look to achieve air superiority, becoming the touchstone for all things that fly.

In the coming days and weeks, in addition to the insightful commentary regarding military aviation, you can expect to see compelling stories about a rookie unlimited air racer preparing for his first National Championship Air Races in Reno, and a civilian pilot who returned to the cockpit after nearly two decades of missing the action. We will also follow up with expert analysis on the Egyptair A-320 loss as details emerge.

We are actively seeking a new batch of content providers. We have positions for freelance writers from all five branches and a part-time Contributing Editor. Please contact our parent company’s Managing Editor, Desiree Huitt at [email protected], or me at [email protected]. What better way to begin your career as writers than to write about what you know and love.

We want to hear of your connection to the air; whether you were chocking and chaining, turning wrenches or strapping into the cockpit. If you’ve got photos, videos or ‘there-I-was’ stories, we are here to help you share them.

I’m looking forward to working with you.
Fight’s on!