In the latest development to Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher’s court-martial over alleged war crimes, U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California, has intervened and asked President Donald Trump to dismiss the case.

“I am significantly concerned that this is another example of the over-aggressiveness of the Navy JAG Corps showing its bias against our war fighters,” said Duncan in a statement. “Due to the verifiable political nature of the Navy’s justice system, I believe that Chief Gallagher’s matter needs to be taken away from the Navy and President Trump himself needs to personally review and dismiss this case, taking an American hero out of a prison cell and back on the front lines where he belongs.”

Hunter added the accusation that Chief Gallagher murdered an under-aged ISIS fighter in a declared war zone is based on the inconsistent and inaccurate testimonies of his teammates.

“It is important to remember that this ISIS combatant was engaged in an extensive firefight with Chief Gallagher’s team and was already significantly injured when captured. No credible evidence has been provided that this ISIS fighter was murdered, as opposed to dying from his terrorist actions,” added Hunter.