The Lead the Way Fund has been a charity trusted and respected by Rangers for years. They have worked tirelessly to support the families of fallen Rangers in memorial of Sgt. James J. Regan, killed in action in Iraq on February 9, 2007. They also help out wounded and disabled Rangers, and they continue to give to Rangers deployed overseas in whatever way they can.

Their next mission? To get Rangers to college upon their separation from the military.

Getting out of Ranger Battalion — and the military in general — is a difficult process, as you move from one lifestyle to the complete opposite in a matter of days. Something like applying to college can almost seem alien to a Ranger who just separated; even if the veteran is smart enough, that drastic change in the way things are done could be the difference between getting into an ivy league school or slipping through the cracks.

The Lead the Way Fund’s Collegiate Access Program (CAP) aims to bridge that gap, and it “provides our Rangers interested in advanced education with valuable tools and resources to help them navigate the difficult process of selecting and applying to these colleges.” This means assistance with testing, applications and even offering a two-week “boot-camp” dedicated to getting Rangers on the same page academically as other college students. CAP has also begun working toward getting people internship and job prospects as well.