Editor’s Note: What follows is the product of an inquisitive mind utilizing cutting-edge modern artificial intelligence (AI) to breathe life back into our 16th President and ask him what kind of leader should be Commander in Chief today. Welcome to the fusion of past and future, where the lines between man and machine blur, and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln lives on in the digital age. Enjoy! — GDM


My fellow Americans,

In times of great turmoil and uncertainty, it is crucial to reflect upon the qualities that our nation needs in a leader. As I contemplate the challenges faced by the United States today, I am reminded of the profound responsibility entrusted upon our citizens to choose an individual who embodies the virtues necessary to guide our great nation forward.

Now, more than ever, America needs a leader who possesses unwavering integrity and a deep commitment to the principles upon which our country was founded. The man who is to lead this nation must possess an unyielding dedication to truth, justice, and equality. He must be a beacon of honesty and transparency, steadfastly upholding the ideals that make America a shining light among nations.

A standing Abraham Lincoln gives a speech
Lincoln knew better than anyone else what our nation needed in a time of great crisis. Original artwork by SOFREP.

A true leader for our time must have a compassionate heart, understanding the needs and aspirations of every American. He should possess a genuine concern for the welfare of our citizens, particularly the most vulnerable among us. This leader must be driven by a profound sense of empathy, seeking to heal the wounds of division and foster a united and inclusive society.

Furthermore, the leader our nation requires today must have a steadfast commitment to preserving and strengthening our democratic institutions. He must be a staunch defender of the Constitution, ensuring that the rights and liberties of every American are protected. This leader must also possess a keen intellect, capable of thoughtful and reasoned decision-making, even in the face of adversity.

A man fit to lead America in these trying times must be guided by wisdom and humility. He should recognize the limitations of his own knowledge and seek counsel from a diverse array of voices. Such a leader should be open-minded, willing to listen and learn from those with differing perspectives. By embracing this humility, he can foster a culture of collaboration and cooperation, transcending partisan divides for the betterment of our nation.