I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But, there’s an array of threats out there and some that we have a semblance of control over. Russia is not one of those threats at the moment. In a governmental flux – and the new heads of agencies and leaders probably don’t even know what all the acronyms mean, yet. Many are probably learning the woes of a security clearance for the first time. Yeah, we’ve erected a powerful and monumental system of government. All of these once Mavericks and business leaders are about to be sucked into it like a black hole. But aside from that, we should discuss the world is a less distracted way.

Ukraine is the setting for the newest generation of warfare that Russia is showing off, daily. There are daily cyber attacks and shellings in Ukraine. It’s a new kind of war. It’s not something we’re adept at executing ourselves. The average OD-A team member doesn’t know the difference between cyber technology, cyber warfare, electronic warfare and information technology. However, we’re stuck in-between Russia and Trump and the theoretical bromance between Putin and Trump.

At this point, there’s nothing anyone can do about that bromance, whether it exists or not. Only time will tell, and it most certainly will reveal the truth, in time. The mainstream media has a conniption from the hangover of the presidential election. It was jarring, for sure, and I don’t think we, as a nation, have processed all of the information, yet. For one thing, we’ve paid less attention to Trump’s policy statements and documents than his Tweets. I don’t think I care about his tweets, yet, more than his policy although many argue the Tweets are his policy.

But, that won’t be possible – policy will be real. The policy will be written, thought-out, laid out, and given a seal of approval, or not. By policy, I mean across the board from environmental laws to, of course, healthcare. I would like to hear the model of healthcare and the changes/amendments the new government will make to the existing national system. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see. Also, I would like to see the official policy towards Russia, which will be stated via the State Department. Equally so, what kind of policy will emerge for Ukraine and Syria?

In all, we’re everywhere, and we’re not. And in the media, it seems everything is true and not. It’s hard to tell which way is down. But eventually, some work is going to get done – or not. Either way,  we will have evidence of the efficacy of our government that many of us have long suspected of being infected. I think, among other things, the grand and aggressive plans this president will have will meet the ineptitude of some of the agencies and bureaus of the US government. That will be revealing, in the right way. Maybe we can get rid of the government employees that are holding up progress.

Also, and most important, we’ve been quick to jump behind party lines this year. I know it always happens, but I don’t think these parties, now more than ever, describe our political beliefs. These parties are more fragmented than we realize. The Republicans are riding high and trying to get ahead with the new government. As for the Democrats, I don’t have a good read on what they’re planning – but I think they might have a split themselves. The tea party movement and the extreme left are two of the same in that these are motivated people who do not agree with their party policy across the board. I think that’s the one thing we can expect more of – political parties and identities in the coming.

Featured image courtesy of News Pipeline.