Change isn’t always easy, or desired. But it’s often necessary. Over the years, NEWSREP had many contributors come and go. A lot of our readers and subscribers often expressed confusion about why a certain writer is no longer with the site. To answer that type of question isn’t easy. It involves a lot of variables that are often unique and personal to each writer.

We have generally left it alone—until now.

NEWSREP is unique in that we encourage our writers to actively engage in the comments section, giving new life to their articles and, in many ways, enhancing the experience for everyone. This helps us build a solid community, but sometimes it creates issues with writer turnover.

With some of the misinformation floating around on social media and various online channels, I’m going to attempt to set the record straight. Some of the questions below are based on a few things I’ve read online. If you have additional questions or comments, sound off in the comment section below. As our subscribers, we value your input.