We hear from many of our readers by way of letters to the editor, which oftentimes give us both positive and negative feedback on many of the articles published here on SOFREP. This letter in particular is in response to the article Kurt T recently wrote, titled, “Qalubna Ma’kum: Foreign-fighter frauds in Kurdistan.” His article has generated quite a significant response from those who have fought alongside the Peshmerga.

This message isn’t really for the editor, per se, but for Kurt T. His recent article and opinion on the foreign volunteers in Kurdistan is spot on. I’ve been in Kurdistan almost a year now (11 months and two weeks to be exact), and I’ve seen my share of the wannabe famous, the Rambos, the crazies, and those who think it’s a great idea to start their own private military company (the PMC thing is almost impossible, as you pretty much need a Kurdish business partner, and the insurance/tax cost is quite high).

Anyhow, I read your articles when I get a chance/have decent Internet (I stay at Bashiq with Parti Azadi Kurdistan, and at Nowara with another unit). I’ll quit being a fucking cheapskate and become a subscriber or member/whatever you call it next month. (I’ll be an angry fucker for having to cut back on smoking packs of Pleasure and Royals all day, though.)

Keep up the good work, and Kurt, I can tell you that the propane canister rockets are used in Bashiq, but it’s rare—usually they’ll use mortars and homemade rockets.