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I ETS’d in June 2011. I actually went on terminal leave the day Bin Laden got waxed… Nice going away present! I served as a grunt in the 82d Airborne Division and spent a year (2008-2009) tirelessly patrolling Baghdad and surrounding areas, to no avail. I was a company RTO for a hard charging Company Commander and spent almost every waking moment on patrol or QRF. I think most of my peers would vouch for me having an insane workload over the course of the deployment. At times, it was heinous. The stress became almost unbearable, yet, I have no badass firefight stories, no kill count, or really anything I expected to earn as an infantryman in a time of war.

However, I don’t think anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the ground in a place such as Baghdad comes out unscathed. I’ve been learning that, despite the lack of action experienced, I’m no exception.