The first time that many reading this probably heard the name Stuart Scheller was when he posted a video to Facebook on August 26, 2021. In that video, Lt. Colonel Scheller, dressed in Marine Corps camouflage utilities, blasted the current administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and called for accountability for the leaders who mandated that the withdrawal occur as it did.


“Bring It DOWN”

In a way, Scheller was calling for much the same thing that the general public was: simple accountability. Scheller was seen by many as the “White Knight” who had the courage to break free from the norm and criticize those who deserve the criticism. After that first post, many people — servicemembers and civilians alike — responded positively to Scheller’s post. The issue, though, is that Stuart Scheller Jr. is an active-duty lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Given the Corps’s focus on bearing and accountability, one can assume the Marine Corps brass didn’t take too highly to this very vocal criticism, especially from a fairly high-ranking Marine officer.

Following that initial video, Lt. Colonel Scheller went on to make follow-up videos over the next month, in which he further stated his opinion on the leadership of the country and the military, even vowing to “bring the whole f****ng system down.” He later clarified that statement a bit by saying he planned to bring it down in a “Constitutional manner,” but his original comment was already out there and it was garnering significant attention.