During the Persian-Greco war in 480 B.C., King Leonidas of Sparta stood fast with an army of 300 Spartans against an invading Persian force of more then 100,000 during the battle of Thermopylae. Legend has it that the story of this heroic stand spread and inspired the people of Greece to unite against Persia and planted the seeds of democracy.

The SOFREP 300

We have an amazing community of people on this site, and I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given to all of us since we started on this wild ride. Last year we decided to switch to a membership model after we lost a big advertiser over controversial (to them, anyways) content. We have some great sponsors but we don’t rely on them anymore. We stood our ground, just like the legendary Spartan King Leonidas, and we took a huge revenue loss in the process, but refused to bend our editorial ethics in the name of advertising dollars. We put the power in your hands, our members. It was a tough road, but now SOFREP can stand alone and pay our writers without relying on sponsors.The past two years have been an incredible journey for us all, and we’ve met some amazing people through the site.

Enough people have sent us messages asking for invites to special events or more access to our team. To answer this, and make this happen, we’ve decided to establish a limited membership, The SOFREP 300. If you’re an existing Team Room member, you have automatic upgrade status you’re at the front of the line for an invitation – just register using the form below so we know that you’re interested.

Membership Breakdown

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