You thought you would never see the day, a SOFREP article about Lindsay Lohan.  Believe me, I never thought I would be writing one.  While celebrity gossip is not exactly our purview, once in a while you catch of whiff of something that just doesn’t quite smell right.  Case in point: Lindsay Lohan becoming a staunch pro-Erdogan activist while decrying Assad and Putin.  Her propaganda quotas line up just a little too perfectly for me to believe that she is coming up with all of this nonsense herself.


Lohan’s life has been compared to a train wreck so many times as to be cliche, so we kind of expect her to say and do things that don’t make much sense.  But suddenly drinking the Erdogan Kool-aid and giving scripted interviews on Turkish television?  Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Perhaps it is possible that Lohan took rehab seriously this time and now wants to save the world.  The Turkish state run media would have found a useful idiot to advance the government’s agenda.  Lohan would not be sophisticated enough to see the multi-faceted and complicated issues involved in the conflict.  For instance, she rails against Assad and Putin but loves Erdogan who has snuggled up to Islamists, funded and trained Jihadists in Syria, and has ruthlessly oppressed the Kurdish HDP political party in his own country, not to mention purging his own government.

It is also possible that instead of going to real rehab that she has just hired a Public Relations firm to rehabilitate her image.  In a bid to reshape Lohan’s reputation, they may have suggested that she take up some humanitarian causes to rebrand herself as a Princess Diana or Angelina Jolie type figure.

A third option is that a desperate celebrity has been sucked into the influence operation of a foreign intelligence service, perhaps even turned out against her will.  The truth is, we may never know for sure.  This is just another weird aspect of a gonzo 21st century war in which all sides fight each other, undermine each other, and propagandize each other while pretending to be friends.

Whatever the case, Lohan is just another pawn in a very cynical game.