Andersen Air Force Base, Guam– U.S. Air Force, Tech Sgt. Omega Guzman, a senior watch supervisor for the Air Traffic Control Tower with the 36th Operation Support Squadron, was recognized as the 36th Wing’s Team Andersen Linebacker of the Week at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Sept. 28, 2022.

The Team Andersen Linebacker of the Week recognizes outstanding enlisted officers and civilian and total force personnel who have had an impact on achieving Team Andersen’s Mission, Vision, and Priorities.

After arriving at Andersen AFB, Guzman started as a shift supervisor, overseeing four controllers and watching supervisors through daily air traffic operations. She identified communication, training, scheduling, and task execution shortfalls between the shifts and could not only bridge the gap but create mediums for increased efficiency throughout the facility.

“I do talk to airplanes and we do control air traffic, but the best things about my job are the people,” said Guzman. “I get to mentor and help grow our newest Airmen, and then we all get to come together as a team and do operations.”

Leading by example, Guzman’s technical expertise allowed for the first-ever
Andersen AFB alternate tower operations. The alternate facility was operational in less than 15 minutes allowing for the seamless recovery of Naval F-18s.

Additionally, she led the team through Exercise VALIANT SHIELD, Marine arial live fire training, and Operation Iron Storm, and prepared the 36th Operations Group as the primary emergency manager for the Operational Readiness Exercise SLINGSTONE 22-08, the first of its kind in three

“Guzman has been phenomenal,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Zachary Smart, the assistant chief controller, towers with the 36 OSS. “Since she has arrived to Andersen AFB, she has been placed into just about every leadership role that we can have for her, and she could not have handled it any better.”

Outside of work, as Lead Enlisted Project Officer for the Wing’s Diversity and Inclusion
The program, Guzman, teamed with Capt. Tim Hensen, a chaplain with the 36th Wing, built the program from the ground up. This team is standing up communication platforms, assessment portals, innovation, and problem-solving working groups, and individual squadron surveys to ensure
all enlisted, officer and civilian personnel thrive in their environments, free of prejudice and promoting a culture of dignity and respect across the 36th Wing.