Investigators just released new information regarding the 27-year-old Syrian refugee that detonated an explosive device in Ansbach, Germany yesterday. AP reports a video on the terrorist’s phone shows him pledging his allegiance to Islamic State. Bavarian interior minister Joachim Hermann, stated that there were two phones, multiple SIM cards, and a laptop found either on the bomber or at his residence. “Some Salafist content was found,” Joachim Hermann said.

At approximately 10:00 pm local time on July 24, 2016, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee detonated a suicide bomb packed with explosives and metal used in “wood manufacturing” (probably wood screws or bolts) inside a restaurant in Ansbach, Germany. According to the Bavarian interior minister Joachim Hermann, the man was denied asylum a year ago and has tried to commit suicide twice since then. The suicide bomber appears to be the only death from the explosion. A doctor near the scene tried to provide him with medical care but his traumatic injuries were too severe. 15 people are reported to be injured but their conditions are unknown. The US Army states there were no Americans hurt in the bombing. The death count could have been higher if he detonated the bomb at the music concert that was attended by 2500+ people. Hermann stated that the bomber wanted to detonate the device at the music festival. This bombing occurred on the same day another Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman and injured two with a machete in Reutlingen, Germany.

Image courtesy of Reuters