This is Part III of a three-part series. You can read Part I here. Read Part II here

In 2006, a year after our cross-country adventure in the little Cessna, I left the service. The first thing I did as a civilian was to follow Glen’s footsteps (and John Zinn’s) into the world of private security contracting. Glen, as usual, knew the right people, and he helped get my application fast-tracked. So, that by the time I left the service, I already had a deployment date set in the shadowy world of private-contract security work. 

It is a realm most people don’t know much about, but private-contract security work is a noble calling that gave people like John Zinn, Glen, and me the opportunity to keep serving our country and making the world a safer place even after taking off the uniform.

In the Special Operations community, we have a belief that there are three types of people in the world. First are the “wolves.” What most would call “evil people.” They are the rapists and murderers, the psychopaths and extremists who prey on the weak and use violence and fear to achieve their goals. In the 20th century, they stood on stages and commanded armies, if they were lucky. In the 21st, they hide in the shadows, guide planes into skyscrapers, and delude their recruits into blowing themselves up in public places.