London, England- During a press conference, the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley confirmed that three men in a van struck several pedestrians on the London Bridge at approximately 10:08 pm on Saturday, June 3. After crashing the van, the three men exited the vehicle in Borough Market and began to stab several people, including a police officer responding to the attack. Within eight minutes of police receiving the initial notification of the incident, the three terrorists were shot and killed by police. He also confirmed that the three men were wearing fake explosive devices. Rowley stated that six people died in addition to the attackers and at least 20 people were injured. AP later reported that 30 people were being treated at area hospitals. The identities of the attackers and the victims have not been released yet. It is unknown at this time if the attackers were affiliated with a known terrorist organization.

This is reportedly an image of two of the terrorists after being killed by police. Image courtesy of Twitter

Featured image courtesy of EPA