TERROR IN WESTMINSTER we have seen it all before. This is a patriotic insight to an old age problem.

Unfortunately London is no stranger to trouble so it’s always with an air of expectancy that you travel into town. The IRA blew the place up and even attacked horses. Hitler bombed the city to bits and pieces. Guy Fawkes tried to blow parliament up and we still celebrate the event to this day and that happened in 1605. We have had “the great fire” “the Black Death” and “Jack the Ripper.” Londoners carry on regardless, they’ve seen it all before, FB profile pictures nowadays give a show of support and within the hour people crack on with their lives. It’s never “if it will” happen, it’s always been “when.” So when I heard the latest atrocity was taking place yesterday, my plans to go into town went on hold until later, I made sure everyone I know and care about was ok and knew to stay clear and went to the pictures to watch Kong instead.

This latest plague in our great City will come and go as others have before. London is a cosmopolitan Town and has always attracted people from all over the globe. It holds its arms open wide and accepts diversity and rightly so. Anyone who can contribute and make the city a better place is more than welcome to come and stay as long as they like. But there are always those that cannot roll with the status quo, they have come here from the earth’s hell holes and can’t accept our hospitality, they want to strain the guts out of the town, they want to leave the place in the same condition as the squalid shitholes they ran away from to be here.

As Brits, we will offer sanctuary to anyone who cannot, for reasons beyond their control, settle where they live. We take them in and look after them until it is safe for them to return to wherever they come from. Nowadays this has now been utterly abused and we find ourselves quite literally welcoming in our deepest enemies. Worse still, they keep coming uninvited from across Europe because they know that with such a soft touch at this end they will have little trouble in getting food, accommodation and handouts within seconds of touching down. IS cells have traveled across the world to settle in our cities and look for opportunities to spread their vile hatred and do harm to those who have no time for them. Worse still, there is now home-grown hatred spawned by exposure at first to these mongrels who travel here with no other reason other than to disrupt and destroy. But this is now complimented by the internet; world in which people can hide and preach their hatred from the confines of their own space. There they can hide away unnoticed while they spawn their hatred and nurture it into physical attack.

Our security services are good, they are all over the Jihadist scum which has shown its head. Even now there is reportedly over 500 operations underway which are targeting these individuals, the cost of which is estimated in the hundreds of millions. Everyday in numerous towns and cities across the UK, undercover police tail the most dangerous suspects. The present climate does not allow them to be lifted and deported, even if they have openly spoken out against the government. They can pretty much do as they please and regularly do. They hold rallies, block streets on Friday prayers and fly the colours of their despicable groups. They openly taunt policemen who are sent to calm down flash points. There are films all over YouTube of bearded and head shaved cleric types abusing our coppers with their heinous rhetoric and filming it.