The latest SOFREP ebook, Operation Red Wings, is now available for pre-order on Amazon here and iTunes here.

This was a short-fuse project.  Charlie hit me up last month and asked if I could do it in 30 days.  I sat down, had a long talk with Dan Lake, the CRO (Combat Rescue Officer) in the book, dredged up some other sources (some of whom will not be identified now or ever), and pounded it out.

This is not a retelling of Marcus’ story, except for peripherally.  This is the story of what was going on while Marcus was in Sabray.  From the downing of Turbine 33 to the retrieval of Matt Axelson’s body, this is the story of the rescue efforts, and has a description of some of the hairiest night helicopter flying I’ve ever heard of.  There’s also some stuff in here that hasn’t been made public before.

From the Author’s Note: