On July 20, at Fort Bliss, an M1A2 Abrams Tank accidentally fired upon another tank during a training exercise. The Defence Blog was the first to report the incident, claiming that an M1A2 Abrams shot a round that impacted another tank 2,600 meters away. The incident took place during a tank qualification training exercise.

According to the Defence Blog, because it was a training exercise, the tanks were shooting the M1002 multi-purpose training round. The benefit of this round is that it behaves just like its combat counterpart, the M830A1, but has a shorter range, ideally making it a safer round for training.

During this specific exercise, the tanks were shooting at moving targets. The two tanks that were involved in the accident were from the same cavalry regiment.

One soldier was injured. According to Lt. Col. Lindsey Elder, an Army Public Affairs Officer, the soldier received comprehensive combat wound treatment from his fellow soldiers and is now recovering in stable condition.